Research Portfolio (Preliminary Round)

Research Project

Drone Technology is more than simply flying drones. It is also an opportunity for students to discover how drones are being used in the world around us. Given a different topic area annually, teams research the use of drones in real-world scenarios such as search-and-rescue, humanitarian aid, agriculture, structural inspection, and more. Knowing that the use of drones are the solution to the given problem, students must detail how drones can be applied to solve various problems within that topic area.

(Click here to see the current competition theme problem.)

Flight Plan

Also part of their documentation process, teams are also asked to create a flight plan for their autonomous flight missions. The flight plan is a graphical representation of the flight path(s) they intend to use when programming their drone for autonomous flight and any relevant notes detailing altitudes (heights), distances, pauses, sensor inputs, etc. that are important to complete their missions.

(Click here to download the current flight plan worksheet.)

Autonomous Program Printout

The last component of the documentation portfolio is a printout of a team’s autonomous program coding. The coding is expected to exhibit proper coding practices, have logical organization, and be well documented.

Preliminary Round – Documentation

A. Documentation materials (comprising a “portfolio”) are required and should be placed and secured in a clear
front report cover. (Click here for a sample.)

B. The report cover must include the following single-sided, 8½” x 11″ pages, in this order:

1. Title page with the event title, conference city and state, the year, and the team/chapter ID number; one (1) page
2. Table of contents; one (1) page
3. Solution to Competition Theme Problem, including competition problem statement, drone research and
solution description; two (2) pages
4. Flight Plan – graphical representation of planned autonomous mission flight paths; one (1) page
5. Autonomous Program(s) – printouts of autonomous program coding; pages as needed
6. Sections of the portfolio may be organized by dividers.

More Information

To read more about the details for this year’s competition theme problem and autonomous flight missions, please download the Theme Problem & Autonomous Flight Missions Packet.